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Teen Center

The "Teen Center" - School-Based Youth Service Program

New Jersey Community Development Corporation has teamed up with the New Jersey Department of Children and Families to operate a School-Based Youth Services Programs (SBYSP). This program is currently located at our school on 200 Grand Street, Paterson, and operate as “Teen Centers”.

The Program acknowledges that young people come to school with many different problems, and that students have to overcome challenges they face outside the classroom before they can succeed inside the classroom. Providing students with year round academic support services, tutoring, mentoring, counseling, life skills, health education, employment services and recreational activities, the Program has proven to be more than simply a fun place to hang out. It is designed to be “one-stop shops,” where students and families can access a variety of resources in one convenient location: their own school building.

Through workshops presented by program staff and outside partnering with agencies on various topics, the School Based Youth Services Program offers young people a safe and exciting space to learn, discuss relevant issues, and interact positively with their peers and caring adults.